2023 Eleveight RS V6
2023 Eleveight RS V6
2023 Eleveight RS V6

2023 Eleveight RS V6

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The RS V6 is Eleveight's best selling kite and an all-round powerhouse for freeride performance. The RS swiftly travels upwind with dynamic speed no matter how gusty the conditions or choppy the water. Bags of hangtime and thrilling forward momentum make the RS kite truly stand out. By removing the pulleys we have achieved an improved ultra direct feel, and the new wingtip shape allows for more precise turning. The RS is quick to respond with limitless riding potential and its stoke is accessible to riders of all levels.

Eleveight's delta-hybrid powerhouse, the RS is extremely versatile designed
for limitless freeride performance with distinctive surf and freestyle

Performance Features:

  • Precision three-strut delta-hybrid freeride kite with an ultra direct feel
  • Versatile performance for all riding styles across a huge wind range
  • Ultra-stable construction efficient in any condition
  • Plug and play with massive hangtime as well as easy upwind travel
  • Precise and fast with smooth turning characteristics

Changes For V6:

  • Pulley-less bridle. Direct bar feedback and less bar travel
  • New Wingtip shape for faster and precise turning
  • Less AR and slightly higher projected area for smoother power generation
  • Thinner TE batten reduces weight for a better profile adjustment
  • Reduced LE tip diameter to avoid bridle catch
  • 10% lighter bladder material made in Germany